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Drawing on my vast expert coaching skill, my best advice to you is to stay away from your text or learn notes on the eve as well on the day of your exam.
In the meantime, I also like to share with you three related but vital views plus a slew of proven tips and hints about exam prep plan:
1. I want you to know that smart learners do not prepare for their tests/exams at the last minute. They begin from Day One of the semester chart. By doing at the last minute and going on with what is known as "cramming" or "burning the midnight oil", you are only adding too much strain on to your test/exam anxiety.
2. Smart learners set up what I call the 3 R's plan: Recap, Review and add force to, in union with spaced and spread lesson revision and rehearsal apply, as a prelude to their final exam prep. I have by now written a total piece about this topic on the cheap essay, and here's the link: cheap essay writing service
3. Towards the end of each semester, smart learners prepare global join and summarized learn notes, fit in (i) beginning notes from the textbook reading during the night before class; (ii) notes taken and made during the lecture; (iii) notes taken and made from lecture handouts, if any; (iv) notes taken and made from class debates or group-work, if any; (v) notes from lab news and/or ground job; (vi) other notes, e.g. from examining at the library, or from the Internet search, as part of their exam prep.
4. Reduce troubles and note that 2-3 hours of study in a quiet place without any trouble is better than 10 years of learning with a noise blaring at the background. You can pick out the hardest or the boring topics when you are feeling alert and the most attractive ones when you are feeling down.

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